1986 – The founding partners: Marc DENOUEIX and Gérard CROSNIER

MGE (MG ENTREPRISES SAS known as MGE GREEN SERVICE) was founded in 1986 by two business engineers: Marc DENOUEIX (the ‘M’ of MGE) and Gérard CROSNIER (the ‘G ’of MGE). Son of a craftsman inventor of Sarthe, Marc DENOUEIX was quickly immersed in the science and technology world as well as in the export with the limited means of a VSE or SME. Coming from a farmer family in Loir et Cher, Gérard CROSNIER is perfectly familiar with agricultural machinery. The two founders – still leaders today – have the same pronounced taste for sport, attended the same school and have the same course of study (technical training and then engineer in international industrial marketing) with a very similar professional curriculum (background in large groups and in highly exporting SMEs).

After the creation of the export service and a common experience within a SME (public works sector, development up to 80% of international turnover), the two partners decide to found their company and offer their services of  consulting engineers / business engineers to innovative VSEs-SMEs (today called ‘start-ups’) and to larger companies having difficulty launching a new product in some markets.

With this activity MG ENTREPRISES is, in 1986, the pioneer service company in the Pays de la Loire region for the commercial support in France and abroad of VSE and SME first-exporters, or of companies with technical products with high potential requiring rapid action on foreign markets.

This service activity – market studies, commercial management and sales in France / export – then takes the form of either long-term missions (‘turnkey’ commercial management with prospecting + sales + invoicing in the language of the target country) or ad hoc missions (targeted action for a given product or market during a given period).


1987 – The encounter of Mr. Michel DAIRON and the DAIRON company

From 1987, it was the encounter of Mr. Michel DAIRON, manager of SARL DAIRON since 1980 and successor to his father, the founder of the company in 1958, in the Sarthe exporters club (Sarthe International). It is the decisive meeting of a unique technical know-how recognized today worldwide and the international sales and marketing know-how of MGE.

Historique image 4

From 1988 the DAIRON company – which later became DAIRON SAS and later the DAIRON Group in 2008 – experienced continuous international development thanks to the commercial program conducted with MGE, first in France and in Europe (years 1988-1995), then extended to the large export (years 1995-2013, up to 75% for export to 5 continents, subsidiary in the United States), all French territories including DOM-TOM (1988-2015), especially for green spaces and sport fields equipment.

July 11, 2008 is the 50th anniversary of the DAIRON company, celebrated in the presence of numerous customers and suppliers from all over the world. The icing on the cake: Marc DENOUEIX (MGE) takes advantage of his status of President of the Le Mans Sarthe Wright Centennial Committee to invite Mr. Buzz ALDRIN, one of the first 2 men who have walked on the moon, to come and lay the 1st stone of the additional building of the DAIRON factory in the middle of the famous Le Mans 24 hours international circuit!

MGE implements very offensive strategies to conquer new markets, both for the DAIRON company and its brand ROTADAIRON and for other manufacturers in the green spaces and environment sector, with complementary – always non-compete – products and services; this is the MGE ethics.

This combination of know-how and long experience – rare in the industry – with skills in manufacturing, international distribution, services and use of machines makes MGE GREEN SERVICE today one of the French expert operators in this market for the good of all, customers or suppliers.


1990 – The encounter of Mr. Jean PRAT and Mr. Raymond GABARD

In 1990, it was the double encounter of Mr. Jean PRAT (founder of HYDRO-PART in 1965, specialist in handling and hydraulic equipment) and Mr. Raymond GABARD (French pioneer of turf roll / sod since 1979). These two ‘masters’ instill in MGE the turf and sod expertise (cultivation, turf laying on host site) over complex sites marking out the history of the company: numerous works on stadiums (including Stade de France 1997-2004, Stadium Nord de Lille: refurbishment in 2011) and golf courses (1991-2012) in France and Europe, Disneyland Paris park (construction 1990-1992), Center Parks (2015-2017), Fontevraud Abbey (2018), trams (Paris, Le Mans, Angers, Tours, Nantes, 2004-2019).

The inventiveness of Raymond GABARD and Jean PRAT allows MGE to offer the most innovative techniques on the market. The first turf laying machine in history (small rolls of 0m40 x 2m50) is patented by Raymond GABARD (also awarded at SIMA 1987) and manufactured by Jean PRAT. The first turf paving machine is patented and manufactured by HYDRO-PRAT in 1997 in the view of the Stade de France site construction for the 1998 Football World Cup. The tramway sites (2004-2019) also request the development of new equipment.


The death of Raymond GABARD and later the stop of the production (own) of pre-cultivated turf, lead MGE and HYDRO-PRAT to continue the turf activity by calling on different producers of turf depending on the sites and mixtures required. The withdrawal of Mr. Jean PRAT’s business lead MGE to fully resume the HYDRO-PRAT SERVICES activities (supply and installation of turf on complex sites).


1988 to 2015 – The international synergy of MGE and DAIRON

Mr. Michel DAIRON (DAIRON), Mr. Marc DENOUEIX and Mr. Gérard CROSNIER (MGE) work together from 1988 to 2015 (for 27 years) and are partners in their respective businesses from 1997 to 2013 (for 16 years). In 2000, the company EMREX (agent founded in 1987 and distributor of ROTADAIRON in North America set up by MGE in 1996) is taken over by the DAIRON Group and becomes ROTADAIRON EMREX INC. (subsidiary company). MGE also develops the major export of ROTADAIRON to Asia (including Japan), South Pacific, Africa and Eastern countries.


This development also involves agreements with “key accounts” or “contract manufacturing” type customers with international players of the industry: THE TORO CO. (United States), DITCH-WITCH (United States) AGRIA WERKE (Germany), KUBOTA (Japan, Europe).

Historique image 9


2004 – Start of MGE GREEN SERVICE trading activity with the GKB line

In 2004, MGE GREEN SERVICE started a reciprocal collaboration with the POLS INTERNATIONAL Group, one of the leaders in the green market space in the Netherlands. On one hand, POLS imports ROTADAIRON, and on the other hand, MGE GREEN SERVICE introduces the GKB range of machines for sports fields in natural grass or synthetic turf on the French market and other territories. After a change of scene, POLS withdrawing from the market, MGE GREEN SERVICE decides to operate directly with GKB.

The GKB Group founded in 1946 is both one of the 5 biggest landscapers in the Netherlands and with its manufacturing division – GKB MACHINES – a manufacturer of specific high quality machines for sports fields, including:

  • The range for natural turf sports fields – 37 machines: 4 deep tine aerators with teeth or core tines, 7 sand spreaders, 1 Infiller sand spreader, 4 overseeders, 1 combined sandfiller, 4 de-thatchers, 4 aerators, 4 versatile stripers, 1 trencher drainer, 2 recappers, 4 recyclers aerators levelers, 1 dragmat.

  • The range for synthetic grounds – 24 machines: 7 models of brushes – rotary brushes – claw brushes, 3 aerator decompactors, 2 extractor renovators, 4 aggregate extractors, 6 synthetic cleaners, 2 leaves vacuums for synthetic turf.

The new GKB factory, inaugurated in July 2016, is the 1st sustainable factory in the Netherlands, a site producing more sustainable energy* than it consumes and integrating all the most advanced technologies.

*Heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, water reprocessing, bio-greening of the site: biodiversity of flora and fauna.


2006 – Addition by MGE GREEN SERVICE of TRIMAX high performance range of mowers

Historique image 12

Since 2006, MGE GREEN SERVICE added another ‘string to its bow’ with the TRIMAX range of mowers. The TRIMAX Group is present on 3 continents: in the South Pacific (parent company and factory in New Zealand, subsidiary in Australia), in Europe (factory and distribution subsidiary in the United Kingdom), in North America (distribution subsidiary). TRIMAX began designing and manufacturing mowers in 1981. The TRIMAX unique mowing concept, the quality of its manufacturing and the exceptional level of performance of the TRIMAX range led MGE GREEN SERVICE to this choice.

Historique image 13

The TRIMAX series is guaranteed for 3 years and includes:

  • Roller mowers: 16 models of 3-point hitch (rear or front) mowing decks or large width trailed mowers for tractors; cutting widths from 1.50 to 10.40 m.

  • Flail mowers with horizontal rotors: 9 models for ride-on mowers or 3-point hitch (rear) for tractors; widths of cuts from 1m34 to 2m36

TRIMAX mowers offer close to helical mowing quality and are very affordable: twice faster, twice less fuel consumption, up to 80% less maintenance cost. If you want to save energy and money, this is the time to choose TRIMAX.

MGE GREEN SERVICE distributes TRIMAX in continental Europe, especially in mainland France and in the overseas French territories, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.



2008 – MGE GREEN SERVICE imports the TIMBERWOLF line of wood chippers and shredders

Created in 1986, the TIMBERWOLF line is manufactured by the British leader (60% of the rental market and 40% of its home market), which has today become one of the European leaders, thanks in particular to its collaboration with its first client in the world: MGE GREEN SERVICE.

Historique image 16

The first contacts were established in 2008, followed by a technical validation tour and then an exclusive distribution agreement. All TIMBERWOLF wood chippers and shredders on road chassis are road homologated for Europe and are delivered with registration ‘grey cards’ and plates.


The range of TIMBERWOLF wood chippers and shredders is warranted 3 years and includes:

  • Compact wood chippers: 2 models petrol engines Ø 75mm and 100mm
  • 3-point hitch chipper and shredder: 2 models Ø 150mm and 225mm
  • Wood chippers on road chassis: 11 models with versions of petrol, diesel or hybrid engines from Ø 100mm to 210mm

  • Tracked wood chippers: 3 models with petrol, diesel or hybrid engines versions from Ø 160mm to 210mm
Broyeur sur chenilles Timberwolf TW 280 TVGTR



The TIMBERWOLF line benefits from a very high level of service through the network of authorized MGE GREEN SERVICE dealer network.

TIMBERWOLF, European leader in the market for wood chippers and shredders.


2010 – MGE regroups all its activities on a single site, in Coulaines (north of Le Mans)

On November 10, 2010, MGE regrouped all of its activities on a single site in the Le Mans metropolitan area, near road access (ring road north of Le Mans) and motorway access (A11, A28, A81). A complex of 350m2 renovated offices and 3600m2 of warehouse on a 11500m2 platform allows MGE to continue its development. Several hires are added to the existing team for even better service and respect for MGE’s slogan: PROFESSIONAL QUALITY.

In 2015, the warehouse was completely asbestos-free and renovated using an environmental approach (insulation, LED lighting, radars, water).

In 2018, the MGE GREEN SERVICE training center – the MGE Academy – was created inside the warehouse.



2011 – Addition by MGE GREEN SERVICE of a 4th range: TRILO

Historique image 18


TRILO (Netherlands) offers a unique range of vacuum sweeper trailers for the collection of green waste (turf, grass, leaves) on the market. TRILO also manufactures an additional range for leaves: leaf vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers. Finally, TRILO has equipment for the maintenance of natural turf sports fields: scarifiers, de-thatchers, combined scarifiers/de-thatchers/flail mowers with vacuum sweeper trailers.

The set constitutes a very complete range of professional equipment for the maintenance of large sites (parks, golf courses, leisure parks, large estates, automobile circuits, festivals, etc.).

Historique image 19


2013 – The SPIDER remote controlled mowers

In 2012, contacts were established between MGE GREEN SERVICE and SPIDER. The distribution of the SPIDER range of radio-controlled mowers for quality and safe mowing on extreme slopes up to 55 ° began in 2013.

The SPIDER range includes 5 models:

  • SPIDER ILD02: cutting width 1230mm, slopes up to 55 ° (with winch), 21hp petrol engine
  • SPIDER 2SGS: cutting width 1230mm, lowered version for photovoltaic power plants, 21hp petrol engine
  • SPIDER ILD01: cutting width 800mm, slopes up to 55 ° (with winch), 15hp petrol engine
  • SPIDER Cross Liner, 3 versions:
    • Cross Liner Lite: cutting width 650mm, slopes up to 41 ° (no winch), 10.2hp petrol engine
    • Cross Liner: cutting width 650mm, slopes up to 55 ° (with winch), 10.2hp petrol engine
    • E-Cross Liner: cutting width 650mm, slopes up to 41 ° (no winch), electric motor
  • SPIDER 3RIDER: cutting width 1540mm, ride-on + radio control, slopes up to 35 °, 24.8hp Stage V diesel engine

In 2014, the magnificent SPIDER factory was inaugurated.

In 2018 SPIDER made the buzz on social networks with its ‘Mow-Na Lisa’ campaign, by reproducing on a 5-hectare site the famous work of Leonardo da Vinci – the Mona Lisa – using 3 SPIDER remote controlled mowers! + link

In December 2019, during the PAYSALIA trade fair in Lyon (France), the 1st electric remote controlled mower in history was exhibited on the MGE GREEN SERVICE stand: the SPIDER E-Cross Liner.

2015 – CARLTON stump trimmers

In 2014 MGE GREEN SERVICE carried out a global market study for stump grinders and established a short list of manufacturers. At the end of this process and after taking the time – 1 year! – in order to bring the materials up to CE standards, MGE GREEN SERVICE concluded at the end of 2015 an exclusive distribution agreement for the CARLTON range of stump grinders for France and continental Europe.

JP CARLTON (USA) is the leading manufacturer of stump grinders in history and has unrivaled experience in this market.

The CARLTON range goes from 13hp to 250hp with solutions on wheels or on tracks, with manual or remote controls. CARLTON has notably developed the most efficient cutting system on the market in collaboration with SANDVIK: the ‘Razor Cutting System’.

MGE GREEN SERVICE offers quality service for this range of professional equipment from demonstration to training and first starting, with a very efficient spare parts service.

Rogneuse Carlton


2016 – The 30th anniversary of MGE GREEN SERVICE

The MGE GREEN SERVICE warehouse was completely renovated in 2015 with the environmental approach in mind: asbestos removal, thermal insulation, LED lighting.

In May and June 2016, the 30th anniversary of the company is organized. Several hundred customers, resellers, suppliers and friends who accompanied the development of MG ENTREPRISES (MGE GREEN SERVICE) during this period participated in the various professional and festive events that have marked this anniversary.


2018 – Creation of the ‘MGE Academy’

In order to train the sales and technical teams of its European network of specialist dealers, MGE decides to create a training center by renovating the last part of its buildings. This investment proves to be extremely judicious and it is much appreciated by people coming to train there in all European languages. The technical equipment, the testing area and the catering facilities usefully complete this set.


2019 – MEAN GREEN lithium-ion battery-powered electric mowers

In 2013-2014 MGE GREEN SERVICE is carrying out a prospective study on the markets of the future and “green technology” making it possible to switch from fossil energy to greener, hybrid, full-electric or even fuel cell (hydrogen) engines. It is decided to implement a complete ‘greening’ program for the MGE GREEN SERVICE activity by 2022-2023. For its implementation 2 lines of work are privileged: the strong incentive of the different factories with which MGE GREEN SERVICE works, research on a global level and the adaptation to European standards and constraints of electrical, hybrid or hydrogen equipment.

It is in this context that MGE GREEN SERVICE began its collaboration in 2015 with MEAN GREEN (United States), the 1st manufacturer in the history of professional electric mowers with lithium-ion batteries. After a long preparatory work on the commercial and technical level (upgrading to CE standards, electrical accreditations), MGE GREEN SERVICE introduced the MEAN GREEN range across Europe from spring 2019.

The MEAN GREEN range sold in Europe in 2020 by MGE GREEN SERVICE includes:

  • 1 walk-behind mower: MINORIS WB 84 (84cm mowing width)
  • 1 platform ZTR mower called ‘stand-on’: STALKER SO 122 (122cm mowing width)
  • 2 “Prosumer” ride-on mowers: NEMESIS NXR 122 (122cm) and NXR 133 (133cm)
  • 2 professional ride-on mowers: MAJORIS CXR 133 (133cm) and CXR 152 (152cm)
  • 1 professional high-speed ride-on mower: DREAMCUT EVO 188

4 other models including 1 autonomous version are planned by 2021.

With MGE GREEN SERVICE and MEAN GREEN, the future is written in Green!


MGE GREEN SERVICE: ‘wood’ – ‘turf’



  • TIMBERWOLF: The most efficient wood chippers and shredders of the market, European leader
  • CARLTON: Stump grinders on wheels or tracks, with manual or remote controls
  • TRILO: Sweeping, blowing and vacuum of leaves and green waste for sports fields and large sites







  • MEAN GREEN: Professional electric mowers with lithium-ion batteries, zero emission of CO2 and other pollutants
  • TRIMAX: High performance roller mowers, exceptional ecological and economical mowing
  • SPIDER: Remote controlled mowers with electric lithium-ion battery or petrol engines for slopes
  • GKB: Professional equipment for sports fields maintenance and renovation (natural grass or artificial turf)



MGE GREEN SERVICE selects the most efficient and greenest professional equipment on the market.